Look no further than your garage for the ideal scrapbooking space

We might not traditionally look at garages as multipurpose spaces, but they are being increasingly used for a whole host of purposes: DIY, crafts, play areas, gyms… So, why not transform your garage into your very own scrapbooking paradise?
We’ve put together a non-exhaustive list of things you will need to do to get your scrapbooking space ready. Remember, most of your choices will be based on preference, and there is really no end to the changes you can make. Go slowly, your ideas might change with time, but eventually you will have the scrapbooking space all your scrapbooking friends’ envy!
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4 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a Garage Door

There’s no denying it: your current garage may have served you well, but it’s gotten old. In fact, it’s now past the point of no return.
That’s why you’ve been online researching the different types of garage doors currently available on the market. While there are definitely some interesting options out there, you should be sure to consider the following 4 important factors before you actually continue with making a purchase.
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What You Should Do Before Purchasing a Garage Door

All homeowners know how important a garage door is. It is the biggest contributor to the front of the the home’s façade, and it can really make or break someone’s first impression of your home. You likely want a garage door that you can be proud of. You should be able to choose which style and make of door you want. Typically, garage doors should:
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What Should I Do If I Just Backed through My Garage Door?

We’ve all been there before. You got off to a late start, and you’re rushing through your morning routine. Maybe you have less than an hour to get the kids to daycare, or you’re in a hurry to avoid being late for work. Whatever the situation, it usually ends with a bang and a crash as you drop the car in reverse without waiting for the garage door to fully open, or even back into the door while it’s closed. It happens. Now’s the time to take a deep breath or two, and think about what comes next.
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Garage doors shouldn’t have to be tame or uninspired

Your garage door is something you look at every day, and probably don’t even realize it’s there. Or maybe you look at it and wonder why such a large piece of your home’s façade has to be so dull, so plain and boring. Maybe you’ve even dreamt of painting over the whole thing, just to brighten it up and make it more interesting. But you don’t have to, not when there are so many other options to enhance the look of your garage door! Different models and styles, colors and windows are available.
Your garage door is a major part of your home’s appearance, and with just a little thought and effort you can turn it into something that makes a lasting difference.
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Utilizing your home’s garage as a doggy daycare can be safe and enjoyable for your pet

When you got your dog or cat, you probably envisioned a situation where they languished in their pet bed during the day while you were at work – happy as a clam and completely safe. Unfortunately, sometimes that is far from the case. Even with plenty of training, a dog can sometimes resort to destructive behaviors and perhaps be unable to control their bladder as long as needed. If your budget is not such that you can afford to take him to a doggy daycare, you may be asking yourself if your dog or cat can be safely kept in your home’s garage during the day. While perhaps not the most ideal situation, it is conceivable. However, it is imperative to your dog’s wellbeing that you follow a few guidelines to make the garage a safe and comfortable location for him.
This blog doesn’t go into going to the expense of building a kennel inside the garage. Rather we discuss how to give your pet access to the entire garage so your beloved pet can feel like he is king of a veritable castle.
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Replacing a broken spring is dangerous work!

Did you hear a loud thump or possibly a sound like a gunshot coming from the garage? After speeding to the site, you see that the spring located above the door has broken in two. It can’t be all that difficult to replace, so you plan on doing it on the weekend when you have some time.
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