June 29, 2018

Turn the garage into a summer escape

Young boys in a garage with a motocross

Many homeowners know that their garage is often a cool and dry spot at almost any time of year, but especially during the heat of summer. It protects the car and keeps lots of belongings safe and secure, but it can do a lot more than that. In fact, it can become a summertime escape and party space! Let’s learn more about it!

Using the garage

When a garage is properly insulated, including having a well‑made door, it remains incredibly cool in the summer, and becomes the ideal candidate to conversion into a number of living spaces. Here are a few of our favourites:

At‑home exercise studio

Why pay a gym membership or spend enormous sums on costly studio classes when you can just turn the garage into a luxurious, private space. Clean the floors (and even consider adding tile or other materials) and begin installing the gear needed. Don’t limit yourself to machines. You can install bars, poles, mirrors, sound systems and TV displays that let you take DVD or streaming classes, practice yoga or dancing, and more.

The ultimate patio space

Summertime means the "living is easy", but not if you setup a family or neighbourhood gathering only to have it ruined by pouring rain. Rather than setting up the food, drinks and dining areas outdoors, why not use the garage as a stylish party spot instead?

You can leave the door open and allow the sunlight and fresh breezes inside, keep an eye on kids or even use the driveway as a party space with games and seating. That way, if it does rain, you won’t have everyone packed in your living room and lots of mess in the house! Hook up a sound system and you can even get everyone dancing!

A tween or teen space

It’s tough to face, but lots of parents realize that their tweens and teens no longer think of their parents as "cool". Instead, they want a place to hang out on their own, and with friends. Rather than sending them off to the mall, a park or another unmonitored spot, why not turn the garage into a kid’s dream hangout spot. Add cozy furniture, gaming and entertainment systems, sound systems and maybe even a tiny kitchen‑ike spot with drinks and snacks, and they’ll never want to leave. Even better is you can setup a basketball hoop and other activities just outside in the driveway!

Children’s birthday spot

It can be costly to take a lot of kids bowling, out to the movies or to do something for a birthday. However, if you turn the garage into a child’s party space, it can be fun, cost-effective and safe. Setup the food and drink area, an array of indoor and outdoor games, and even a furnished spot with entertainment gear in case it rains! Show movies, have game competitions and even a dance off and ensure an unforgettable birthday.

How’s the door?

Of course, before you start making plans, you need to ensure the garage door is in the best condition possible. You’ll want to contact Doorcraft Manufacturing Ltd.: your specialist in garage door repair to book an inspection and tune‑up. If the door requires replacement, you can request a free quotation by visiting our website. Don’t forget to explore our Design Centre to see the many styles available.


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