October 26, 2018

Best Garage Door Size for an SUV or RV

Garage size

When it comes to single doors for the garage, most people have a good idea of how large they are. They tend to be between 8’ and 9’ wide, and they are between 7’ and 8’ high. When it comes to the double garage doors, the size is naturally going to be much larger. They will often be between 14’ and 16’ wide, although they could be up to 18’ wide in some cases. If you have an RV or an SUV, though, you might be wondering if the size of a garage door is going to be large enough to handle your vehicle. While the width might be fine for many of these types of vehicles, there can sometimes be a question of whether the height is going to work.

In this post, you will get a better idea of what option you will want to consider based on the vehicle you have. You will want to keep this information in mind, especially for those who are building a new garage whether attached or detached. The same is true if you are going to be purchasing an RV or SUV soon, and you want to keep it in your garage.


An SUV is going to vary in size based on the make, model, and even the year in some cases. However, there tends to be a range that you can use when trying to get an idea of how large they can be. They tend to be between 5.5’ (1.675 m) and 6.1’ (1.845 m) high. This means that the smallest garage door height you would want is going to be about 7’ (2.1 m). However, if you are going to add a luggage rack to the top of the vehicle, you need to take that into account. This could add another 6” (15 cm) or more to the height of the vehicle. Therefore, you would want to have a garage door that is at least 8’ (2.4 m) high.

Most of the time, the length of the vehicle will not be a problem. Still, it will be something that you should consider with your garage. SUVs tend to be between 15.4 ft. (4.7 m) and 16.9 ft. (5.1 m) long. Consider the width, as well. Make sure that it is going to fit into your garage with enough room to spare, so you can get out of the vehicle while it is in the garage.


An RV will generally measure up to 9.5’ (2.9 m) high. However, the top is also likely to have an AC unit, and potentially solar panels or a satellite dish. This means that you might need to have at least 13.5’ for your garage height. The width is important to consider, too. You will want to have a garage that is at least 10 to 12‑ft. (3 to 3.6 m) wide.

Measuring the Garage Door

Before you choose to buy an RV, you will want to make measurements of the height, length and width of the garage. Fortunately, the measurement is quite simple. You will use a measuring tape or a laser measurement device. Measure from the interior or one door jamb to the other. You will do the same thing for the lintel, or the height. This will give you the opening size, which you can then use to determine whether it is going to fit the RV or SUV that you want.

Garage door measured

Those who are building a new garage door will want to consider the clearance that they have over the head of the door. You will want to consider the distance from the floor, to the first obstruction that could be on the ceiling, such as ducts or trusses. Always be sure to take measurements and double‑check them.

Want to Know More?

Do you have any questions about your garage door? Before you build your garage, buy a new door, or buy your new vehicle, you will want to get in touch with us. All you have to do is contact us. We are experts in garage doors and can provide you with the advice that you need and make sure that you are choosing the right door for your needs that will be able to accommodate your vehicle. We also take your budget into consideration. If you would like, we can provide you with a quotation by email.

It is also possible to get a closer look at what we offer when you choose to stop by the showroom. You can use our online Design Centre to find a style that is going to work perfectly for your garage door. In addition, you might want to look at our image gallery for some examples.

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