This powerful remote control can operate one garage door opener (...) Read more
This device is important whenever a reverse (...) Read more


To open and close a commercial door. Steel enclosure. (...) Read more


Allows complete control of the door and may be used (...) Read more
3‑Button open/close/stop remote control (...) Read more
NEMA4 Outdoor surface mount station with polycarbonate (...) Read more
Now it's easy to find the right button on your remote control, even (...) Read more
This powerful multi-door control can operate three garage door (...) Read more
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This powerful multi‑door control can operate up to (...) Read more


Garaga door systems have the lowest (...) Read more
Allows operator to be mounted below the torsion bar. (...) Read more
May be installed if an outlet is not located near the garage door (...) Read more
This “L”-shaped bracket makes the connection (...) Read more
Brackets that are welded or bolted onto the vertical (...) Read more
The antenna extension kit can be used with EXT-ANT (...) Read more
Spring-loaded trolley features nylon inserts for quiet (...) Read more
To ensure greater security for your home, LiftMaster offers an (...) Read more


Three-volt lithium batteries are used with most LiftMaster (...) Read more
The 485LM backup battery can be used with model (...) Read more
In the event of a power outage (...) Read more
Brackets installed at the bottom of the door on (...) Read more
A steel structure in the shape of an L (...) Read more
Heavy-duty solenoid-actuated brake (...) Read more


Strongly recommended, these C-shaped spring bumpers (...) Read more
Used with torsion spring hardware, it supports (...) Read more
A chain block is used with a manually operated (...) Read more
It is recommended to install a chain hoist (...) Read more
(H71-6023) : For 1" shafts. Recommended to (...) Read more
The amount of side room, head and back room (...) Read more
Must insure that doors working with the same (...) Read more
Our garage door system offers the best insulation on the market. (...) Read more
The sections and the tracks are designed to meet or exceed (...) Read more
The LiftMaster STAR1000 access solution to manage multiple (...) Read more
A sectional overhead type door (...) Read more
The 850LM universal receiver uses frequencies of 310 (...) Read more
The commercial and industrial hardware designed (...) Read more
Dual-sided infrared sensors with heavy-duty housings (...) Read more
To prevent the horizontal tracks supporting (...) Read more
12 ga. steel angle welded on the whole (...) Read more
For commercial and industrial doors, (...) Read more


Decorative accessories that set your door apart. (...) Read more
There are 4 basic types of movement. (...) Read more
A motorized device for opening and closing a garage door. (...) Read more
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Commonly used to refer to larger width (...) Read more
Garaga’s ultra-robust residential hardware (...) Read more


Similar to a “Jack shaft” type operator (...) Read more
See door opener (...) Read more
Faceplate mounts flush on wall and contains pull handle (...) Read more
This remote control can operate a commercial door opener (...) Read more
This single button remote control have 12 position (...) Read more
Garaga’s outstanding energy conservation (...) Read more
After the power goes out, the standby power system will operate (...) Read more
An exhaust trap is used to expel gas emissions (...) Read more
Counterbalanced springs which provide (...) Read more


Zinc coating to protect steel (...) Read more
Garage door professionals who meet our strict criteria (...) Read more
Now you won't have to go downstairs or outside to see (...) Read more
Unit of measure to evaluation (...) Read more
It sometimes happens that certain parts (...) Read more


Hardware options Read more
Tracks: Welded, made of galvanized steel and secured with (...) Read more
Space between the opening height (...) Read more
Solenoid-actuated brake prevents coasting of door (...) Read more
The high lift is the distance between the header and (...) Read more
To make the independent sections act (...) Read more


A sectional overhead-type door (...) Read more
Spring loaded, sliding deadbolt lock operable (...) Read more
Material having the ability to reduce (...) Read more
Triple contact interlocking joints (...) Read more


Electric operator which mounts on the wall or ceiling and directly (...) Read more


Designed to restrict operation of door to authorized (...) Read more
Designed to restrict operation of door to (...) Read more


The high-tech solution that helps you park perfectly in your (...) Read more
Our unique LaserCraft high precision manufacturing process (...) Read more
Lift cables are used to raise and (...) Read more
If you manually operate your door (...) Read more
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If your garage door does not (...) Read more
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LongLife components™ are your garage door (...) Read more
This system is installed at about 6 feet (...) Read more
This lubricant is applied to PVC (...) Read more


An enterprise that manufactures something (...) Read more
Surface of the metal. Garaga offers a (...) Read more
LiftMaster® 50-HERK2 Motion Sensor detects objects (...) Read more
Are you always on the go? Our mini 3-button remote (...) Read more
If you're always on the go, the LiftMaster® 3-button (...) Read more
If you're always on the go, this Mini Remote Control (...) Read more
Infrared optical in a customizable rubber enclosure are (...) Read more
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One Button Indoor Surface Mount Station Diecast Metal Enclosure. (...) Read more
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One complete cycle of a door begins (...) Read more
For some precise applications where the weathertightness (...) Read more
Recommended for a garage with no access door. Enables (...) Read more
Decorative PVC moulding permanently fused to (...) Read more


Rigid door sections injected with high (...) Read more
Slotted angles are 10 ft. (3 m) long metal (...) Read more
Our PermaFix process literally (...) Read more
Placed next to the door tracks, (...) Read more
The plugs are installed at the ends of (...) Read more
A pneumatic sensing edge system (...) Read more
Thermoplastic resins which (...) Read more
Injected into all Garaga door panels, (...) Read more
Prevents the door from being manually (...) Read more
A complete torsion spring assembly (...) Read more
End bearing plates supporting (...) Read more
Garaga’s Premium paint colours, the result of extensive (...) Read more
It is important to remember that a residential (...) Read more
The horsepower of a given electric operator (...) Read more
Steel pipes filled with concrete, 54 in. (...) Read more
Spring equipped chain for manually operated (...) Read more
May be used in two different ways: as an OPEN only (...) Read more
Pulleys are only used with extension-type hardware. (...) Read more
Springs installed on the end of the horizontal tracks (...) Read more
Thermoplastic resin used in all Garaga weather strips (...) Read more


All electrical work (wiring, conduit and connections) (...) Read more


Ability of a material to retard the transmission (...) Read more
Technology has made this accessory invaluable considering the (...) Read more
High‑intensity LED lights indicate the door status for safe (...) Read more
Indicates door or gate position. Provides assurance of (...) Read more
Reinforcement struts are used to support (...) Read more
Brighten up a dark garage or workspace with the LiftMaster (...) Read more
Lights on. Lights off. The LiftMaster® remote light control (...) Read more
Now you can control your house lights at the touch of a button. (...) Read more
A sectional overhead-type door which is intended (...) Read more
There are different types of residential (...) Read more
 Retro-Reflective Photo Eye makes installs faster and simpler, (...) Read more
Built to withstand extreme Canadian weather (...) Read more
Steel, ball-bearing wheels (...) Read more
Interlock switch disables the operator control circuit when (...) Read more


Small caps to hide screw heads and enhance (...) Read more
Garage doors hardware systems come (...) Read more
Interlock switch disables the operator control circuit when (...) Read more
If CPS-U / CPS-UN4 photo sensors are present, a (...) Read more
A horizontal measurement from each side of the door (...) Read more
Commonly refers to smaller width doors (...) Read more
Our basic single-button remote control isn't so basic. (...) Read more
Heavy-duty solenoid-actuated brake. Order (...) Read more
1’’ diameter solid steel rod (or 1.25" for large doors) that (...) Read more
16 ga. Steel caps installed (...) Read more
Also called trusses, these are “U”-shaped (...) Read more


Used on large doors (20 ft. or 6m wide). (...) Read more
PVC frame weatherstripping with exterior (...) Read more
A thermal break is an element of low (...) Read more
A thermo-pane window has two panes (...) Read more
It is recommended to use the adjustable (...) Read more
There are 2 types: fixed or adjustable (...) Read more
This spring system, while slightly (...) Read more
Garage door tracks usually consist (...) Read more
There are two types of track protectors (...) Read more
The vertical and horizontal tracks (...) Read more
Electric operator which mounts above (...) Read more
Garaga door systems are the most adaptable (...) Read more


A “U”-shaped vinyl or neoprene (...) Read more


The loop signals the door to open automatically when a (...) Read more
A hardware design that allows a sectional (...) Read more


The 880LM is a smart control panel (...) Read more
The 880LM is a smart control panel (...) Read more
A narrow strip of material to cover (...) Read more
The amount of force that the wind exerts (...) Read more
A secure and vandal-resistant controller. This keypad and (...) Read more
Zinc‑alloy front profile cover, extremely durable. The (...) Read more
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For people who want a second control in their garages. (...) Read more
Open or close your garage door without using a remote (...) Read more
Open or close your garage door without using (...) Read more
Access your garage and home without the use of a key (...) Read more
The wood blocks are located (...) Read more

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