July 22, 2016

How to choose and match exterior colours on your home

Vog, 9' x 7', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

Whether it is for a renovation project or the construction of a new house, we are all looking for a home with exterior colours that really fit together well. What could be better than hearing that our home is warm and welcoming, and for that, let’s first coordinate its colours.

Some broad guidelines

There are three elements that contribute to the look of your house:

  • The type of exterior covering:
    • Like vinyl siding, brick or stone, stucco or pressed wood siding.
    • We often find a mixture of products (ex.: vinyl and brick).
    • The exterior covering represents a major surface area of the house.
  • The colour of your windows, entry doors and garage doors.
  • The decorative elements like the shutters, soffits, railings, cornices, and other architectural components of your home.

Manufacturers today offer a wide variety of colours which should make your selection process easier. Clearly, the colour(s) you choose for the exterior covering (one or in combination) will influence the colours of the other components. However, also keep in mind the amount of maintenance time you are willing to spend when choosing materials.

The architectural style of your house and that of your neighbourhood

It is logical that the colour you choose for your exterior covering depends on the architecture of your home. If you decided to have a country style, you will likely have a wider selection with brighter hues. For more classic styles, like Victorian or Colonial, colours may be more limited as brick is often used in the exterior.

Also take into account of your landscaping such as trees, shrubs and flowers. The colours and quantity of plants will impact the colours you choose. As well, add the orientation of house in relation to the sun as a factor to add to your list.

Another consideration should be the architecture your neighbours’ houses and that of your neighbourhood. It is possible that your town imposes certain limitations on the choice of materials that can be used. Take a minute to check this.

How to coordinate the whole thing

Based on the architectural style of your house, contrasting the various elements to achieve a harmonious style is the key to success. Unless you live in an area where most of the houses are painted bright colours, vibrant hues for the outside house colours are not appropriate.

If you don’t want to repaint the exterior of your house, limit yourself to two or three colours that coordinate with the main colour of your exterior covering. Natural and organic exterior paint colours are often ideal because of their subdued compatibility with the existing elements of the home.

Visit the websites of various paint companies. A portion of their site is usually devoted to exterior house colour ideas, visualizing exterior paint colour combinations and how these different colours harmonize.

The front door and the garage door: two important elements not to overlook

Once again, based on your dominate colour of your home’s exterior, there is a wide spectrum of colours for your front door. Depending on your tastes and style, it can be very striking or very sober. Whether your exterior is a pale or bright colour, use a contrasting colour for your front door and add decorative elements to top it off.

When it comes to the garage door, keep it location and size in mind. If the garage door is placed on the front and it’s a double door, maybe 16 feet wide, pick a pale colour. A dark colour will highlight it which is not advised unless that is the look you are seeking.

If, nonetheless, you opt for a dark colour, add decorative elements around the garage door such as pots of flowers or a pergola overhanging it, thus reducing the contrast.

When the possibility of adding a row of windows to your garage door exists, make sure they coordinate with your front door. A great way of visualizing this is by using Garaga’s Design Centre and get a free quote.

You now have all the elements you need to create a unique, inviting look to the exterior of your house. For everything that relates to your garage door, contact us. We will help you make the best choice according to your tastes and budget.

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