August 4, 2017

Look no further than your garage for the ideal scrapbooking space

Scrapbooking space - Garage

We might not traditionally look at garages as multipurpose spaces, but they are being increasingly used for a whole host of purposes: DIY, crafts, play areas, gyms… So, why not transform your garage into your very own scrapbooking paradise?

We’ve put together a non‑exhaustive list of things you will need to do to get your scrapbooking space ready. Remember, most of your choices will be based on preference, and there is really no end to the changes you can make. Go slowly, your ideas might change with time, but eventually you will have the scrapbooking space all your scrapbooking friends’ envy!

Start by cleaning out your garage, and then follow these easy tips!

Make sure the lighting works to your advantage

You might have to install additional lighting or use lamps on your work station to brighten the garage up, or you might need to install blinds or curtains to reduce glare… It all depends on your initial space. Adequate lighting should not be overlooked as poor lighting can lead to splitting headaches, which will ensure you do not enjoy your hobby!

Make sure you have a large enough work station

Whether you opt for a table, a desk, or install a countertop, make sure that is sufficiently large for all of your projects. Don’t forget, when you’re scrapbooking you need a lot of different materials within arms’ reach, we suggest that you minimize the number of items you leave out on your work station in order to maximize space. A 3‑ft2, smooth surfaced table should do the trick.

Do you have enough electrical outlets?

Just like lighting, you need a sufficient number of electrical outlets. Plugging too many electrical devices into one outlet can cause a power surge, which could have catastrophic results. Also, try to avoid using extension cords as far as possible, and definitely never place one under a mat. Whether you need extra outlets installed or you just want someone to check that everything is in working order, please hire a professional: Electricity is dangerous!

Scrapbooking space - Garage

Make sure you have enough storage space

As we mentioned above, scrapbooking is a hobby that requires a lot of materials. To ensure you have easy access to these and that they are tidied away nicely, we suggest installing shelving or drawers. The type of setup you opt for is entirely based on personal preference, but you might want to consider installing pegboards to keep essential items within reach.

Think about the flooring

Again, this point is based entirely on personal preference; tile, laminate, vinyl, concrete… The choices are endless but your budget will play a big role. Maybe flooring isn’t something you need to consider right now, why not just lay a large rug for the time being to make your new scrapbooking space feel cozier?

Make sure you can work at a comfortable temperature

Where you live will play a big role in your decision to heat your garage. If you live in a warmer climate and your garage is very well‑insulated and weatherproofed, you might not have to even consider installing heating in your garage. If you live in a colder climate, you will definitely need to install heating if you want to use your scrapbooking space year‑round.

Another important factor to consider is ventilation; if you’re going to be using aerosol products you need to make sure the dangerous fumes can be filtered out of your workspace. The type of ventilation you’ll need really depends on the products you are using, you might simply be able to open a window.

Don’t forget to show your back some love

You’re going to need a work chair, and to ensure your neck, back and shoulders don’t become strained, you’re going to need an adjustable, wheeled chair that swivels. You should also look for a chair that has a multi-position backrest to best fit to your body.

Now that your garage interior has had a revamp, don’t forget about the exterior!

Whether you’re looking for a brand‑new garage door or your current garage door needs a good tune‑up, contact us at 506-450-3031. We’re experts in our fields and truly are the best people to advise you. Simply get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for, once we have this information we can send you a detailed quotation via email. If you’re not sure what you are looking for, we’re happy to make a house call and evaluate your needs.

If you are looking for inspiration, try out our Design Centre tool or browse through our image gallery.

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