Maintenance tips for commercial garage door openers

Small business commercial garage door

Whether you are the owner of a construction company, garage, contracting service or other business with lots of large machinery and gear, chances are you also own at least one commercial garage door and opener.

This is far different from the traditional residential style, and will be at least 10 feet wide and 12 feet high. It is also likely to take a great deal more wear and tear, and even if you only use it periodically throughout the day or week, it needs regular maintenance and care.

If you are concerned about recommended maintenance any sectional door, continue reading to find out the best procedures you can do on your own, and when you must absolutely NOT attempt any upkeep or repairs on your own.

Of course, one thing that all garage door owners should do is have Preventative Maintenance Program, which is a service we happily provide.

Start with a visual scan

One of the smartest and easiest steps you can take is to do a basic visual scan of the entire system, including:

  • Hinges: Look for any screws showing signs of detaching from their anchoring points
  • Horizontal tracks: Look for any signs of rollers flaring out so much that they might come out of their tracks
  • Lift cables: Check to see if any cables appear frayed or close to breaking
  • Rollers: Be sure none of the rollers are at the point of falling out or damaged to the point they don’t easily turn and roll.

There are also some safe and simple steps for manually operated doors, including this simple test:

  • Open the door. Does it seem heavy, as if it weighs over 100 lb. (50 kilos)?
  • If the door has a chain hoist, operate it, and determine if the door seems to weigh a lot

If it has an electric garage door opener, do this simple test:

  • Pull the emergency release cord to disengage the opener. Then, see if you can lift the door easily and single-handedly. If not, it is time to get in touch with an expert to give some attention to the spring system or the tracks.

Are there other repair steps you might take? Some, but rather than attempt to itemize them, we would simply advise you to contact Doorcraft Manufacturing Ltd. We can do expert inspections and repairs, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Things you can do to extend the life of the door

Naturally, there are some proactive and preventative measures you can perform without experts on the premises. One of the safest is to lubricate certain parts of your garage door.

You will want to always avoid white grease as this allows things to slide rather than to roll and is very dangerous. You’ll also want to use a liquid lubricant such as 5W30 motor oil, since it yields the best results. For PVC pieces, a silicone-based lubricant is best. Doorcraft Manufacturing Ltd carries both types of lubricants, metal and PVC, made specifically for garage doors.

  • Start with the Metal Pieces
    • Rollers and hinges: Lubricate any metal part that is in contact with another. This reduces wear and tear and eliminates most instances of rust
    • Spring system – The counterweight to the door, it needs oil along the top of the springs. Apply with a cloth, and wipe around the spring. It eliminates friction and helps keep noise to a minimum
  • Lubricate PVC parts, too:
    • Don’t forget weatherstripping found along the exterior frame, along the bottom of the door (U-shaped), and between door sections.
  • Lubricants and electric garage door openers:
    • Makers of central or jackshaft electric door openers designed them for commercial use and created systems where no lubrication should be needed.

Steps for experts only

It is best if you do not attempt to repair or replace a defective parts by yourself, as severe injuries can occur. The following repairs are for experts only:

  • Changing a broken or frayed lift cable
  • Changing a broken torsion-type lift spring
  • Changing the bracket (hinge) at the bottom of the door
  • Putting a garage door hit by a vehicle back in place
  • Replacing a garage door that came off its horizontal tracks
  • Replacing a lift cable not wrapped properly or off its drum
Small business commercial garage door

If any of those issues occur, turn to the qualified and experienced team of technicians we make available. Do not ever attempt to repair the spring system, or any of its components (particularly those associated with the counterweight system). Grave injuries and even death can be the result if they are handled improperly.

If you want discover more about the maintenance you should perform on your commercial garage door, read this document, and follow its advice.

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