April 28, 2017

Teens, garage bands and neighbours: a guide to keeping the peace

Garage bands

You’ve always had music playing and introduced your child to the joys of rock early in life. Can you blame them for being as inspired as you were when a teen and seeking to start the classic garage rock band? Even if they are more of a jazz, country or alternative music fan, it is pretty amazing they want to give music a shot.

But then there’s the neighbourhood to consider. You close your eyes and picture the angry glares you receive once that garage starts to really rock, groove, twang or thrum with jam sessions. The good news? You don’t have to deny your child their fun, we have some great suggestions for effectively converting the garage to a rehearsal space.

If you just said, “No… It’s not such a good idea”, take a moment to consider their face when you say no, and also consider how many big names started their careers in garages. You don’t know…you could be cultivating the next Pearl Jam, Paul Simon or The Who, and you can do it without alienating the neighbours. We have the tips you need to keep the sound under control.

Garage Control to Major Mom or Dad

Okay, so what sort of garage do you have? Is it free‑standing or attached? The attached garage is your better option because it probably already has a lot of good insulation. However, you can still work with the free‑standing models, too. Let’s start with the attached models.

This is probably got insulation less than twenty years old, and that means it is both energy efficient and good at sound absorption. The walls and ceilings should have insulation, and if they don’t, think of this as the perfect time to boost the energy efficiency of the garage. Consider adding mineral wool on top as it is both a thermal insulator and great for absorbing sound and blocking air movement.

If the garage is free standing, you may need to do a “grounds up” insulation. Follow the same advice, insulating ceilings and walls with the latest materials.

Of course, you’ll want to begin the whole “change the garage into jam area” with one solid rule for the “band”. And that is calling it quits long before noise curfews kick in every evening. Don’t let them play right up to that nine or ten in the evening limit. Ask them to cool it earlier, as this can help to keep the peace.

Ahh… Acoustics

While we could write an entire book on Acoustics, you don’t need to know a lot about them to get the garage under control. What you do need to know is that sound equal air movement and vibration. Because of that, insulating the floor for sound absorption is the next step. Be sure that speakers, drums and other instruments are not on the garage floor, but on a thick rubber pad, layer of felt, carpeting or other layer that absorbs the sound.

If it feels like you are building a room inside of the garage, you are. In fact, that could be an ideal solution – constructing a smaller room in one bay or at the back, and making it as soundproof as possible. If that is not possible, then it is time to turn your eye to the garage door.

Another Wall

You may have been doing soundproofing more out of concern for your own sanity while your teen’s practicing with the band, but you can never forget neighbours. One way you can make certain that sound is kept in check is to be sure the garage door is not only closed, but well insulated. A garage door that is properly insulated with injected polyurethane foam, has effective weather stripping and seals, and is at a thickness of around 1 ¾ in. (45 mm) can cut noise transfer to the outdoors by more than 50%. Making doubly certain that the door has stripping around the perimeter and between the sections and framing prevents air movement, meaning even more sound reduction.

Getting Started

So, now you see it is possible to set the stage for future rock stardom or a happy teen today. Contact us at 506-450-3031 and let us help you choose the ideal garage doors for your needs. You can pop into our showroom, use our Design Centre or send us a request for an online quotation and we’ll help you keep the neighbours happy while encouraging tomorrow’s musical celebrities.

We know garage doors better than anyone. If needed, we can email you a detailed quotation. You can visit us at our showroom. It will be our pleasure to explain the complete range of doors available and to advise you on the best choice to make.

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