November 24, 2017

What’s your dream garage like?

Dream garage

Wouldn’t you like to make a change in your garage and turn it into the space you know it can be? Perhaps you’ve always had a great idea for your garage, but you never got around to making the changes and getting everything into shape. It’s time that you made the change. Fortunately, it’s easier to do than you might think. Check out these projects found on HOUZZ. They should help to inspire you so you are ready to start making your own changes in the garage.

One of the best ways to start is by creating a sketch of the layout you want to have for the garage. It doesn’t have to be a fancy sketch, just something that works for you. Then, set your budget. You can check out websites that specialize in organization and the types of materials you will need to help you get a better idea of your budget. Depending on what you want to do to the garage, the costs will vary, naturally.

Paint your garage floor with epoxy paint

One of the first things to do is repaint the garage walls. You should also consider the type of floor covering you have. Epoxy paint is popular and affordable.

Consider using PVC or wood wall panels

Consider using PVC or wood wall panels. They can work well to hang tools.

Melamine cabinets in your garage

Melamine cabinets are another good option, that make it easy to store and retrieve your items.

Cabinets in your garage

Make room for your DIY projects.

Use your wall space in your garage

Be sure to use all the wall space and that overhead.

Use the space above your garage door

Be sure to remember the space above the garage door.

What about the garage door!

When you are reworking your garage, make sure you consider your garage door. If you have an older door, one that’s been having some problems, or you are just tired of the look, it might be time to replace it. You can contact us anytime at 506-450-3031.

If you would like, we can even come out to your home. We will let you know all about the various types of garage doors available today. In addition, it is possible for us to send a quotation by email. Take some time to experiment with our Design Centre and see what you can create. You can also check out our image gallery.

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